“If we get better our customers will demand we get bigger!”

S. Truett Cathy, Founder Chick-fil-A

MONDAYS is a digital marketing agency in Richmond, VA. We dissect client data to better connect story, purpose, messaging, and benefits with more customers.

And, on Mondays, we do all this pro-bono for non-profits chosen by our clients!

Connect What Matters!

Customers and products. Prospects and solutions. Employees and customers. Analytics and leads. Story and content. Non-profits and mission.

We pair these connections and more to deliver results that matter for our clients and their favorite non-profits.

Connect How It Matters

Brand Actualization

Ensure your brand is being perceived and talked about by customers according to your intentions.

Customer Experience

The customer is always refining their perception of your brand. Is it being properly reinforced?

Audience Analytics

Do you know who your optimal customers are? If you do, do you know why you matter to them?

Social Media

Success on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. is not just about Likes and Shares.


Humans relate to stories more than anything else. Is your story being properly and creatively conveyed?

Team Training

We don't do all your digital marketing. We transfer knowledge in-house by educating your team.

Online Lead Nurturing

Prospects and closing the deal are essential to continued success. We put acquisition tools in place.

Email Marketing

Email remains the king of digital push marketing. Do you have a list? Is it optimally segmented?

Connect Where It Matters

On the right communication channels, where customers prefer when they think of your brand. These may include social media, a new landing page, a loyalty program, online customer support, on-site brand experience, or value-added emails.

Mondays Are For Non-Profits

Giving back. Paying it forward. Leaving the world a better place than how we found it.

These ideals, this vision, our purpose is so foundational to why our agency even exists that we devote an entire day, every week to pro-bono work for non-profits. To ensure we and our clients never forget the importance of that, we choose Mondays so that we focus on non-profits first, we named our firm for this special day, and we have our clients pick the non-profits dear to them as the ones we help.

At MONDAYS, the most despised day of the week is our favorite! We hope others are similarly inspired.



Recent Work

LiftUp RVA

  • Brand Messaging
  • Website Design & Development
  • Content Storyboarding
  • Social Media Strategy

Thank You’s

Jim is an incredible communicator and team leader. His “hands-on” creative, problem-solving approach, is very refreshing and inspirational for our entire team. He is a dynamic team player, full of positive ideas. He is very inclusive and thoughtful toward other team members and their ideas. His consulting role is far more than analysis, reports, and recommendations for others to do.

Bob Laughlin

Pastor of Music & Fine Arts, West End Assembly of God

Jim is smart and insightful and he understands business and technology. For all the talent Jim possesses, what I value most is his genuine sincerity in helping others.

Paul Millefolie

Founder & CEO, Trade Crews & Red Barn Software

Jim is a bright, energetic, and creative builder of businesses — combining tech savvy with good business sense. We worked with [him] for several years and found him to be smart, helpful, and practical.

Robin Shapiro

Chairman, Novation Ventures

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