Capitalize On Your Data

Analytics-As-A-Service benefits you with regular expertise to collect and decipher data left by your audience. Get better and bigger at less cost.

Be Your Audience's Hero

Surveys-As-A-Service helps you align your story with your audience’s by being better aware of why your offerings matter to them.


Go Conversational for Leads

Our LeadGen-As-A-Service focuses engagements with prospects on calls-to-action across email, social, and sites/funnels/landing pages.

Get Found and Referred

Our unique Presence-As-A-Service monitors and corrects your online identities while helping you nurture positive ratings and reviews.

Who is your audience?

What do they want?

How do they find you?

Why do they trust you?

What do they say about you?

Presence · Analytics · Message · Behavior

Keep Them Connected

Your audience wants a hero.
They want a trusted source of solutions to their needs.
You have what they need. Do they know it?
Do you know them? Why they need you?

Keep connected with your audience in the ways that matter and more easily multiply your successes.

You may have all you need to do that in your data. If not, we help you collect the right data to align your story with their’s, go beyond the obvious engagement, and gain more referrals.

You get the expertise you need to accelerate growth without having to hire and train multiple employees.

Grow with our on-demand services to keep connected!

Why Mondays?

Mondays is a micro-marketing agency more focused on rapid, lasting results for clients than on earning snazzy awards for ads that quickly fizzle out.

Our proven “micro” approach avoids wasting time on lengthy brainstorming of guesses out of thin air to instead use real data from real people to meet real needs. Our strategy of tactical maneuvers quickly replicates success!

Kind Words of Thanks

Jim is an incredible communicator and team leader. His “hands-on” creative, problem-solving approach, is very refreshing and inspirational for our entire team. He is a dynamic team player, full of positive ideas. He is very inclusive and thoughtful toward other team members and their ideas. His consulting role is far more than analysis, reports, and recommendations for others to do. Bob Laughlin

Media & Fine Arts Pastor, WEAG

Jim is smart and insightful and he understands business and technology. For all the talent Jim possesses, what I value most is his genuine sincerity in helping others. Paul Milliefolie

Founder & CEO, TradeCrews & Red Barn Software

Jim is a bright, energetic, and creative builder of businesses — combining tech savvy with good business sense. We worked with [him] for several years and found him to be smart, helpful, and practical. Robin Shapiro

Chairman, Novation Ventures

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