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Be Better.*

Get Shared.

Grow Bigger.

*Better is subjective. We define it as being more effective at delivering a customer experience that gets talked about in a way that leads to growth.






“If we get better our customers will demand we get bigger!”

S. Truett Cathy

Founder, Chick-fil-A

Like Chick-fil-A, crush what is typical.

Beat expectations. Improve daily.

Be a hero to your customers and they will tell others.

We equip clients to be heroes!


We simplify client stories to what really matters to customers.

We compose client messaging to be customer focused.

We orient client operations to support customer communications.

We design client marketing to impact customer behavior.


We help clients deliver greatness.

We are excited to introduce you to…

…a final impressions marketing agency.

We connect what matters to our clients and their customers. Client communications are redesigned for a memorable customer experience as if it were their last interaction.

Clients become heroes. Customers are more inclined to return. And, customers who return become customers who refer.

We are known as Mondays because we devote the first day of the week to pro-bono work for non-profits that are chosen by our clients.

We’d love to say hi and hear your story. Perhaps, we can help make it better for you and your customers.

We Like to Get Talked About, Too!

Jim is an incredible communicator and team leader. His “hands-on” creative, problem-solving approach, is very refreshing and inspirational for our entire team. He is a dynamic team player, full of positive ideas. He is very inclusive and thoughtful toward other team members and their ideas. His consulting role is far more than analysis, reports, and recommendations for others to do. Bob Laughlin

Media & Fine Arts Pastor, WEAG

Jim is smart and insightful and he understands business and technology. For all the talent Jim possesses, what I value most is his genuine sincerity in helping others. Paul Milliefolie

Founder & CEO, TradeCrews & Red Barn Software

Jim is a bright, energetic, and creative builder of businesses — combining tech savvy with good business sense. We worked with [him] for several years and found him to be smart, helpful, and practical. Robin Shapiro

Chairman, Novation Ventures

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