Our lead generation solution consists of ultra-focused micro-sites, email marketing, social media engagement, click funnels, and/or landing pages that quickly connect a prospect with your offerings.

What You Get

  • An essential tool in today’s increasingly real-time market
  • An on-demand subscription service with no contract
  • Get-to-the-point online calls-to-action that value guests’ time

Why You Need LeadGen

  • Audiences are increasingly seeking solutions, not more info
  • Visitors decide in seconds to scan a site and only a few mins on it
  • Lead generation connects a need with a solution and fulfillment

Custom, Easily Managed LeadGen Tools

All LeadGen tools are customized to your brand, messaging, and offering, yet are simplified to accomplish one objective quickly and easily for rapid updating.

Get conversational to get relational

Kind Words of Thanks

Jim is an incredible communicator and team leader. His “hands-on” creative, problem-solving approach, is very refreshing and inspirational for our entire team. He is a dynamic team player, full of positive ideas. He is very inclusive and thoughtful toward other team members and their ideas. His consulting role is far more than analysis, reports,¬†and recommendations for others to do. Bob Laughlin

Media & Fine Arts Pastor, WEAG

Jim is smart and insightful and he understands business and technology. For all the talent Jim possesses, what I value most is his genuine sincerity in helping others. Paul Milliefolie

Founder & CEO, TradeCrews & Red Barn Software

Jim is a bright, energetic, and creative builder of businesses — combining tech savvy with good business sense. We worked with [him] for several years and found him to be smart, helpful, and practical. Robin Shapiro

Chairman, Novation Ventures

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