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Mondays is the brainchild of Founder, Jim Washok, to establish a different kind of marketing and customer experience agency that extracts definitive operational direction from client data for rapid, repeatable results.

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About Jim

Hello, I’m Jim. I hate marketing. Welcome to our marketing agency.

Yes, it is odd for someone who hates marketing to create a marketing agency. But, it’s my distaste for expensive, questionable, guess-and-spend marketing that gave birth to the idea of a better way.

I am not interested in wasting the hard-earned money of clients creating expensive advertising that is then sprayed across various channels in hope of a response.

I do not want to devalue the precious time of clients by creating customer communications that have insufficient follow-thru that diminishes ROI.

I could care less about receiving awards and industry accolades for our work.

At Mondays, we hyper-focus our client work on definitive operational direction that comes from actual customer data. With today’s abundance of behavior tracking metrics and analytic tools, we are better able to understand customer motivations. We can more easily and accurately extrapolate from existing data the probable results of changing just one or two factors in a communication sequence that leads to rapid, assured, repeatable success for our clients.

If you hate marketing as much as we do, we invite you to contact us to consider how your marketing, guest experiences, and online reputation can be greatly enhanced for much less than you may be spending on uncertain marketing communications.

  • Digital Communications
  • Customer Experience
  • Operational Design
  • Branding & Messaging
  • Data Analytics
  • Social Media

Our Purpose is Why You Matter

We’re here for you. We exist to contribute to your success. It’s that simple.

You started your business or organization for a reason. You set out on a mission to offer a product or service that changes people’s lives. You embarked on a noble pursuit that deserves excellence in the support services you entrust to help grow.

This reason for your existence and importance to those you serve is why our purpose is to provide you with the best marketing and communications support without costing you a fortune and seeking our own industry’s recognition.

We cut through the clutter of chaos and complexity that is characteristic of today’s marketing tactics to implement for you that which will work and work fast because your data tells us so. It’s time to rethink marketing. See below how we do that.

You have a mission.

That customers connect with.

We decipher why…

          …and multiply success.


We tirelessly strive to decipher from your data when, where, how, and why your guests are motivated to your experience.


From the data analytics, we identify specific tactics that replicate what works in a rapid, repeatable manner.


We test new tactics quickly and inexpensively to prove or disprove the interpretation of guest behaviors from data.


We trust the results to help us frequently determine what tactics need to be tweaked or replaced to multiple success.

Kind Words of Thanks

Jim is an incredible communicator and team leader. His “hands-on” creative, problem-solving approach, is very refreshing and inspirational for our entire team. He is a dynamic team player, full of positive ideas. He is very inclusive and thoughtful toward other team members and their ideas. His consulting role is far more than analysis, reports, and recommendations for others to do. Bob Laughlin

Media & Fine Arts Pastor, WEAG

Jim is smart and insightful and he understands business and technology. For all the talent Jim possesses, what I value most is his genuine sincerity in helping others. Paul Milliefolie

Founder & CEO, TradeCrews & Red Barn Software

Jim is a bright, energetic, and creative builder of businesses — combining tech savvy with good business sense. We worked with [him] for several years and found him to be smart, helpful, and practical. Robin Shapiro

Chairman, Novation Ventures

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